GLS Landscape I Architecture

GLS is a San Francisco-based firm with landscape architects and architects under one roof. We are focused on the design and implementation of complex urban landscapes requiring a high degree of multi-disciplinary integration. Our capabilities include master planning, urban design, landscape architecture and architecture for institutional and residential buildings. We are especially skilled at working with planners, architects, engineers, public works departments and agencies to give form to our clients’ aspirations. Informed by all the forces at work in the contemporary landscape, from community needs to natural processes, civil engineering, buildings and urban design, GLS projects integrate interior and exterior spaces and materials, reinforce spatial ideas through horticultural design, and resolve issues of program, infrastructure, construction and ecology. With 23 years of experience focused almost exclusively on urban infill sites, and with a multi-disciplinary office culture, GLS stands apart in its broad range of services, design energy, and extensive construction experience.

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