Evans Vettori


We work closely with our clients and building-users to establish a brief for each project and involve clients in each step of the design process ensuring they are happy with the proposals. We understand the critical importance of collaborative working in the increasingly complex building process and value the contributions of all those involved. As Architects we view every project as unique and set a priority on studying and interpreting the individuality and character of each place and building. Then we can ask more intelligently what is enhancing it and what is inhibiting it, and make proposals which will help to make it 'daily more itself'. This forms the basis for introducing new elements and changes in a way which can enhance each building and the way it is used.

Finally, we are passionate about the 'art of architecture' and so foster 'traditional' hand-drawing and card/wood modelling skills alongside computer skills. We find that the use of these techniques brings our design work closer to the end-user and helps to humanise an increasingly digital process.

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